What is your Moonshot

What’s your moonshot is a course that teaches you how to Future-proof yourself and your business in the age of digital disruption


What is your Moonshot

What is your Moonshot

What’s your moonshot is a course that teaches you how to Future-proof yourself and your business in the age of digital disruption


What’s Your Moonshot?

By: John Sanei

What you’ll learn

  • Why having the right mindset is essential to remaining profitable
  • What influences your ability to be a successful person
  • How you can reap the benefits of harnessing a victor mindset
  • How you will benefit from filtering out complaints and the urge to judge
  • How you will be rewarded by changing your internal dialogue
  • The steps involved in the ‘Forever Profitable’ Model
  • What understanding trends will teach you
  • How to accept yourself
  • How gamification will enhance your life as well as your employees’ lives
  • The impact that your Moonshot idea will have on your life

This course includes

  • Complete book content
  • Accredited CPD certificate
  • 23 Author video lectures
  • 23 Modules
  • 183 Lessons
  • 23 Quizzes
  • Progress tracking
  • Author signed certificate
  • 11 CPD Points

What is your Moonshot

”What’s your moonshot” is an internationally accredited CPD course.

In his book, What’s Your Moonshot, John speaks about what it takes to not only survive – but to thrive. He believes that we are living in exponentially changing times. With this in mind, he explains how important it is to have a future-focused victor mindset. Small, bite-sized victories are just as valuable as the significant milestones that you set out to achieve.

What’s Your Moonshot decodes the mega-trends that are reshaping human behaviour and the way we do business. The ability to engage with the world with a victor mindset is the fire that fuels winning outcomes. We can create cutting-edge organisations that can thrive in our shifting business landscape by looking into the future of technology, industry, consumers and employees. Solar power have enormous potential because it is a clean energy and is abundant as well as decentralised.

Completing this course will help you delve deeper into the intricacies of John’s perceptions so that you can fully understand and digest the teachings that he imparts in What’s your Moonshot?

Learning to be the best version of yourself through this course will get you excited so you can tackle your future self with vigour, determination as well as passion.

Mindset, habits and internal dialogue can influence your ability to be a successful person. Everyone has a split personality because we have a clear image of ourselves: who we are, what our values are and how we present ourselves to the world versus We have a voice in our head that is constantly questioning and interrogating our self-image. Your inner voice influences your self-perception and determines what you project on the outside.

What’s Your Moonshot takes the reader on a self-empowering journey of discovery. This unique course focuses on how to live life whilst thriving, instead of only being OK with just being. To reap the benefits of harnessing a victor mindset, we need to actively shape our way of thinking. When we find ourselves in victim mode, we must press pause and analyse the specifics of the situation.

This course also takes a look at what it takes to thrive in our exponentially changing times. It gives the learner valuable insight into a multitude of ways to understand the trends of our modern world, especially the new order of business that is being ushered in and the changing way business is set to be executed. This will propel us forward into the future.

Looking at the world with interiority is a wonderful way to direct our internal voice so that it’s coming from the right place. Interiority allows us to bring our whole, full power into a space where everybody is equal, and everybody offers an opportunity. When we are exposed to melodrama and information that doesn’t serve a real purpose, we need to practise equanimity and acceptance.

What John has to say about Future Self Academy

John believes that Future Self Academy is an incredible idea – and here’s why. “Information is ubiquitously available these days,” says John, “as long as you’ve got a good wi-fi signal you can pick up information on any topic, from anywhere in the world and any device.” The rapid development of technology is allowing us to collaborate with great minds around the world at almost no cost (whether directly or indirectly). Any new technology or innovation that has radically shifted our lives started off as a Moonshot.

He goes on to say that Future Self Academy is putting together an abundance of information which is easily available from one access point. This will allow learners to interact with well-known published authors about their particular brand of thought leadership and what difference this will make to your life.

How the What’s Your Moonshot course will benefit you

If you are ready to decode human behaviour to reach new heights in your life then What’s Your Moonshot course is the perfect learning programme for you.

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