Via Midway

Learn from HR expert Siphiwe Moyo and Via Midway about how to navigate personal and career transitions from his own personal experiences.
R 500.00

Via Midway

Via Midway

Learn from HR expert Siphiwe Moyo and Via Midway about how to navigate personal and career transitions from his own personal experiences.
R 500.00

Via Midway

By: Siphiwe Moyo

What you’ll learn

  • What tensions comes along with experiencing a transition
  • How to handle misunderstanding maturely
  • How to keep going when you don’t want to
  • How to learn strategic immunities against pressure
  • How to overcome adversities
  • How to manage offence
  • How to deal with low days and maximise your high days
  • Why you are possibly being side-lined
  • Why you may be feeling discouraged
  • How to accept rejection as part of life
  • How to keep on going when everything is working against you
  • How to turn mockery into success
  • How to bounce back after career setbacks
  • Why you are being overlooked for a big role and how to change that
  • How to counter distractions
  • Why setting yourself apart puts you on the right track

This course includes

  • Complete book content
  • Accredited CPD certificate
  • 15 Author video lectures
  • 15 Modules
  • 113 Lessons
  • 15 Quizzes
  • Progress tracking
  • Author signed certificate
  • 7 CPD Points

Via Midway

”Via Midway” is an internationally accredited CPD course.

Via Midway is all about the tricky task of navigating career and life transitions. Siphiwe’s book discusses what it means to be ‘midway’ for example, is it a transitional zone? He discusses that being ‘midway’ could also be an ‘in-the-meantime’ or ‘while-you-wait’ phase. The desire to be appreciated and the effect of being unappreciated can be dangerous for the success of your career. If you give in to your emotional need for acceptance and appraisal, your potential will be limited.
You can’t change your vision every time you face pressure. You have to be tougher, more steadfast, more stubborn and more assertive where your goals are concerned. Focus on your growth, your brand, your organisation, your team and work towards being the best available version of yourself which you can be.

Moving from one transitional zone to another challenges you to leave your comfort zone, push your boundaries and embrace what’s new. Nothing is wrong with outgrowing a position, relationship or friendship. Never feel guilty about re-examining your relationships with people as you move on in life. Use your time of obscurity or anonymity to develop depth in whatever area you are in.
Siphiwe stresses the point that everyone will go through adversities, fear, delays, alienation, setbacks and misunderstandings as well as a lot more. Accusations and misunderstanding are part of the process towards greatness. Hiding your talent to appear humble is false humility. You are disrespecting yourself by not living up to your full potential and staying true to yourself. This means that you need to arm yourself with the right weapons of knowledge, experience, exposure, teachings and trainings. You can’t afford to be ignorant of basic things a person in your position is expected to know.

The book explains how ‘coping’ is your ‘midway’ and offers brilliant insights into how to thrive instead of just coping and surviving. The path to success comes with many obstacles and challenges and only the dogged and unshakeable achieve their goals eventually. Do not be discouraged if your boss is being harder on you than they are on others. They might have something bigger planned for you.

What Siphiwe has to say about Future Self Academy

Siphiwe says that he’s so excited to be involved with Future Self Academy and to be showcasing his book, Via Midway.

“It’s just so amazing to see my book, Via Midway, being creatively turned into a course on offer at Future Self Academy.”

He goes on to say how he remembers the days when most people only dreamt of being able to study through micro-learning. Now, through the use of technology, that time is upon us!

“It’s such an honour to be part of Future Self Academy.”

How the Via Midway course will benefit you

If you are ready to learn how to successfully navigate career and life transitions then the Via Midway course is the perfect training programme for you.

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