Meet Nicholas Haralambous

Nicholas Haralambous

Nicholas Haralambous is a habitual entrepreneur, published author, investor as well as speaker. He has successfully sold three businesses in the past decade: Nicharry.com, Motribe and ForeFront Africa. Nicholas’ work focuses on assisting businesses to build a more curious culture so that they can promote innovative thinking in addition to action.

Nicholas’ entrepreneurial career proudly includes at least 10 start-ups which didn’t make it. He started up his first business when he was 16. Nicholas built his first website when he was just 12 years old. He credits his first real business as being a band which didn’t enjoy much success. DO. FAIL. LEARN. REPEAT is his business biography. Nicholas also worked at a number of the largest media and telecommunications companies in Africa such as Mail & Guardian, Financial Mail, 702 and Vodacom.

His speaking career began almost a decade ago. It includes speaking events across the globe including:

  • SXSW in Austen,
  • The Rutberg Conference in London, as well as
  • Events for Standard Bank, Vodacom, Old Mutual, Nedbank as well as many other groups globally.

Nicholas’ past clients sing his praises. Here are a few testimonials:

  • “Nic is a successful serial entrepreneur in addition to being a great communicator. He tells it like it is. His keynotes are always engaging and these keep the attendees captivated.”
  • “What I like about hearing Nic speak is that where most speakers like to paint the picture which they’d like you to believe, Nic paints a picture of reality. He is down to earth in addition to being honest about the real challenges of business. On top of this he is entertaining as well as educational.”
  • “Having Nic facilitate the session was invaluable. It allowed for the level of discussion which  was required from the day. Nic’s questions and discussion triggers gave the team the opportunity to really interrogate where we are now as opposed to just continuing to assume that we’re establishing a strategy from a known beginning point. Through the process of starting with the connected context, in addition to the ‘where are we now’, it also gave us the freedom to examine what is functioning well, what doesn’t need to be altered, and the things that we’re currently focusing on which we should continue to focus on.”

A lot of people claim to have the next best short cut or hack in order to assist you along the path of entrepreneurship. However, these are just claims – they are not backed by fact. In his author-led course, Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat., Nicholas Haralambous chats about the truth behind the last 15 years of his entrepreneurial travels.

Nic openly talks about his failures as well as his sacrifices over the past decade and a half during which time he was building his businesses. There is a lot of advice about the:

  • Rules to be followed if you want to succeed,
  • Do’s and don’ts of running a company, as well as
  • How-to of how-to do this.

There are also several personalities in the business world which tell young entrepreneurs to hustle 24/7, risk everything that they have nd never sleep if they want to achieve success.

No one speaks about how difficult it is, how lonely it is as well as how challenging it is to build a company. No one is prepared to give up their ego as well as be honest. Nicholas, unlike others who have come before him, is honest about his journey.  He has lived the hustle. Nicholas Haralambous has striven through physical pain, mental anguish, business failures, personal agony as well as relationship strife all in order to build businesses.

Nic decided to put together the Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat. course so that global entrepreneurs are able to begin to understand that building a business is not, at all times, glamorous, easy or fun. If you feel that you want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship then you absolutely should not miss out on the truth, behind the business, as told in the Do.Fail. Learn. Repeat. course by Nicholas Haralambous.

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