Meet Mushambi Mutuma

Mushambi Mutuma

Mushambi Mutuma is a tech entrerpreneur. He runs a digital lab, called Altivex, which is responsible for developing digital products. The lab utilises technology in order to transform the lives of people and companies through building influential digital products and solutions.Clients include Vodacom, Dis-Chem, African Bank, Granadilla, the South African Reserve Bank and Telkom.

In addition to being a tech entrepreneur, Mushambi is also a highly sought-after speaker, sharing insights on technology, entrepreneurship as well as innovation. He walks the journey with his clients in evading the most recent news out of Silicon Valley or trying to replicate “the next Uber/AirBnB/WhatsApp of”.  For Mushambi, it’s not merely about the jargon. For him it’s about building solutions which actually grow your organisation.

Clients who’ve make use of him as a speaker include:

  • Suits & Sneakers
  • QuickBooks
  • Standard Bank
  • PwC
  • Allan Gray
  • LeaderEx

Mushambi Mutuwa is also a sought-after adviser on entrepreneurship. As such, he has advised a number of business accelerators as well as incubators. These include the Innovation Hub, Standard Bank as well as Endeavor.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and studio art from Pepperdine University in the United States. In addition, Mushambi has a Bachelor of Arts in Art Restoration (Painting and 3D). he is proficient in English, French, Italian, Shona and Spanish.

Mushambi is a board member of the Gift of Sight which is a 501c3 vision charity that was officially formed by Las Vegas-based ophthalmologist, Dr Kenneth C. Westfield in 2012, after 20 years of organizing medical mission trips.

He is on the advisory board for Global Enterprise for Medical Advancement (GEMA) which is a nonprofit organisation based in Massachusetts, whose mission is to bring cognisance and solutions to African health-care issues.

Praise abounds for Mushambi’s work:

“Mushambi and I were both speakers at the Think Future conference (hosted by Innovation Edge) a few weeks ago. He delivered a powerful presentation on the importance of embracing tech and innovation in our growing digital age. His presentation was educational and insightful. His delivery style and tone was engaging, and filled with humour and personality. It was a pleasure to meet, as well as learn from. Mushambi.”

“Mushambi and I both spoke at the THINK FUTURE (Innovation Edge) conference. I really enjoyed his presentation and think he is one of the best speakers I’ve heard on innovation and technology. He has a great speaking style, is informative and tells great stories to make his content understandable to a diverse audience.”

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