Meet John Sanei

John Sanei

John Sanei is a best-selling author, trend expert, disruptive and innovative global speaker, business strategist in addition to being an entrepreneur. He divides his time between Dubai and Cape Town. John has written several books which include FOREsight, Magnetiize and What’s Your Moonshot.

With over 20 years of substantial business experience – which spans across many industries globally – John has assisted many people with successfully developing strategies in their own lives, both personally as well as professionally, to help them succeed.

John Sanei is a strategist, trend specialist, global keynote speaker, coach, facilitator and author and entrepreneur who recently became the first South African admitted to Singularity University Faculty.

Singularity University (SU), is a global worldwide community that uses exponential technologies to tackle and reshape the world’s biggest challenges. Singularity University aims to empower individuals and organisations with the skillset, mindset and network to build solutions that leverage emerging future technologies.

John Sanei is a best-selling author, futurist and keynote speaker whose passion for psychology and technology has seen him engage with many brands and companies across the globe to help them build the mental approach needed to make the future a more abundant place they ever thought possible.

In “What’s Your Moonshot?” John inspires the reader to ask, bolder, bigger and more courageous questions about the future. John decodes the trends that are reshaping human behaviour and business. He then educates you on how to become a better version of you and how to positively effect people around you.

In  the course “Magnetiize”,  John teaches you how to inspire the best people to work with you; how to build an army of super fans, how to build a culture of people that creates disruption by itself and, ultimately, how to rethink and reshape the world that you live in.

In John’s course “Foresight” you will learn how to connect the invisible dots between what is reality and what you perceive and be educated on how to create an abundance and optimistic future.

John is also proudly the first African faculty member of Singularity University in San Francisco and The Duke Corporate Education.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution for trends and strategy,” explains John. It is because of this that he believes that it’s very necessary for individuals to take the time to develop plans for their lives which work best for them. He expands saying that both need to work well for your consumer, your industry as well as your employees.

John understands that future leaders, as well as companies, need to ask the correct questions regarding what it takes to be profitable always. In order to make this happen, it is vital that you evaluate the future of technology, your industry, your consumer in addition to your employee.

Throughout his courses on the Future Self Academy platform you will be personally led through John’s teachings with bite size video footage of John himself. You will then be quizzed after every module of the course to make sure you have understood and absorbed John’s work. Then after the course and the quizzes are complete you will then receive a personalised signed certificate by John Sanei and Future Self Academy.

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