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Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Leading in a Changing World’ and has co-authored several books. Leading in a Changing world has been converted into an online course with Future Self Academy.

Being an internationally recognised futurist, Graeme’s also an influential and engaging speaker who entertains audiences across the world with his powerful understanding of all aspects of leadership of the future. Graeme has travelled to over 80 countries and engages with audiences worldwide. He also works closely with CEOs in over 50 countries and lectures at leading business schools in three continents.

Graeme has worked with some of the world’s most popular brands for a period spanning two decades. He teaches audiences around the world to recognise where disruption will come from and then effectively deal with such threats. Graeme’s track record of success across many spheres in business has led to his increased popularity as a five-time published author.

Graeme is proudly the co-founder and director internationally of TomorrowToday. TomorrowToday is a firm of renowned futurists and business strategists. The firm offers a monthly membership that provides its members with practical steps to develop the essential skills needed to be a successful leader in a fast-changing world.

Graeme frequently lectures at top business schools, including the London Business School, Gordon Institute, Duke Corporate Education and the of Business Science. Graeme hold five degrees, including a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), a Masters in Sociology, and other professional degrees in, Arts and Theology, Accounting and Youth Work.

Graeme has a keen interest in all the future disruptive forces and how people interact, work and connect with each other.

Graeme strongly believes that the world is about to enter the most remarkable time and advises that leaders bringing this period of history into being shouldn’t let this take them by surprise.

Grahame has proudly written three books including; “Future-proof your Child”, “Mind the Gap”, which are publish by Penguin. His latest book was published in 2015 “Leading in a Changing World” has now been converted into an online interactive course with Future Self Academy. Additionally, Grahame writes for numerous blogs, journals and magazines and is considered a leading thought leader in futurism.

Graeme’s wealth of knowledge and expertise make him extremely relevant in today’s rapidly changing and evolving business world. Along with his formal academic qualifications and research credentials, he has comprehensive experience in business. He did Chartered Accountancy articles at KPMG and was involved in a successful IT start-up. Additionally, Graeme has worked in many charity sectors, is a professional musician and now works on a full-time basis as a keynote speaker and a professional author.

Graeme is the only keynote speaker in the world to have been admitted to two different speakers’ halls of fame, in both the UK and South Africa (where he was awarded the Professional Speaking Association’s Award of Excellence). Graeme is of a handful of professional keynote speakers in the world to be awarded the Global Certified Speaking Professional status from the Global Speakers Federation.

His online course, “Leading in a changing world” teaches behaviour and thinking that current and future leaders will need to navigate and perfect in order to succeed in the current unfolding future of business.

You can now purchase “Leading in a changing world” through Future Self Academy where you will be taught personally through Graeme on an online platform and quizzed on your understanding of his work. Then, after successful course completion you will be awarded a certificate which has been personally signed by Grahame.

Begin your course today to become a future leader in today’s everchanging world in business with Graeme Codrington and Future Self Academy.

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