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Erik Kruger

Erik Kruger is a keynote speaker, high-performance team coach and author. He has a Masters in Business and Executive Coaching and is committed to creating high-performing teams as well as individuals. His mission is to help everyone move towards their full potential, whether it be professionally or personally.

His book, Acta Non Verba, is the playbook for creating, achieving and performing at your highest level. As a thought leader, Erik also contributes often to Entrepreneur Magazine and is the founder of Mental Performance Lab. Erik has worked with top-level companies such as Nedbank, Mimecast, AON, Derivco and SANBS. He aims to reach as many people as possible so he also publishes three articles a week on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Erik helps organisations to create Mission Built Teams. He truly believes that teams are a company’s competitive advantage however one rarely emphasises team development in the same way that one does personal development. A Mission Built Team is the purest expression of teamwork. It's a team which is mission-focused, purpose-led, cohesive as well as high-performing. It's a team which has been intentionally built as well as developed over time.

Here’s a glowing recommendation that one of Erik’s past colleagues gave him: “Erik has an amazing ability to inspire people to reach for their goals. He is self-motivated and is passionate about everything he does. It is great to be in the same workspace as Erik.” ‘Acta Non Verba’ is a Latin phrase that simply means “actions not words”.

This is the sign-off that Erik uses in all of his emails. This phrase has started a movement which is a call to create your life instead of living it by default – it’s a sort of plea.  “Acta Non Verba is a call to live your life to your fullest potential,” Erik says.  He goes on to say that this book is not to be read from cover to cover in one sitting, but rather read a new chapter each morning because it is a book that demands action. This course shows you how to improve your life through accretion by becoming more intentional with the decisions you make every day as well as the small actions taken each day.

The thinking behind the book Acta Non Verba is based on how to make the most out of all the information we have available to us today. The course points out that a lot of valuable content is lost as with our busy modern lives we tend to skim across material that could potentially make a massive impact on our daily lives.  The Future Self Academy Acta Non Verba course guides you towards more effective ways of taking action on a daily basis that together will make us happier, more successful and creative.

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