Meet Andy Golding

Andy Golding

Andy Golding is an employee experience specialist and the co-founder of Still Human.

Andy, an avid researcher, keen speaker and facilitator is passionate about the fact that too many people are having a below-average or bad experience at work which is directly linked to below-average business performance. She has built her career around helping companies get culture and employee experience right, and for the better part of a decade she has been working with companies of all shapes and sizes across various industries to do just this. From exciting early stage start-ups to high-impact scale ups and well-established blue-chip corporations Andy assists these companies with becoming places to which the best talent wants to come and chooses to stay at and where business thrives.

Andy has personal experience being employed in a number of work environments across different sectors, from performing arts to strategy. When asked how she got into employee experience design Andy’s answer is: “My first job sucked! The leadership, culture and work environment were awful. I knew there had to be a better way to design and build work environments!”

She is an ‘always-on learner’ and has studied and holds certifications in the following

  • Bachelor of Arts in Brand Building and Management – Vega School of Brand Leadership.
  • Behavioural Economics – Ogilvy
  • The Science of Happiness –  University of Berkley.
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology – UNISA
  • Dare to Lead Certified – a courage-building programme based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

Andy’s fascination with the impact of awesome employee experience on business performance led her on an enormous research exercise which included spending time studying the way organisations of all shapes and sizes design their employee experience. She studied local and international companies which have been heralded as great places to work. The findings of her research, together with her personal experience working in different environments, led to her founding her first business which she then merged into Still Human, a relevance advisory that is focused on all things employee experience design. Andy is also the co-author of the 2018 publication WE ARE STILL HUMAN (and work shouldn’t suck) with Brad Shorkend.  

Two of her fundamental beliefs that drive everything she pursues are: “life is too short to resent the reason you have to get out of bed in the morning” and that “the head-space and heart-space of human beings is the most untapped natural asset on the planet”.

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