Meet Alex Granger

Alex Granger

Alex Granger is a well-known published author of four powerfully motivating books, which are Find Keep Grow; The Possibility of You; Expert Mavericks and F.O.R.C.E. He helps leaders and individuals gain self-awareness, clarity, purpose as well as achieve their objectives.

Alex asks the question – “Is your business fit for purpose?”  He believes that the answer to this question is that your business has something good enough to do the job that it was designed to do. He is considered to be one of the top leaders, personal mastery, high-performance speakers and trainers in Africa. In addition, Alex is also considered to be one of the top executive coaches in Africa.

His work has been embraced by business leaders of blue-chip companies, associations, institutes, and leaders in government such as Old Mutual South Africa, Vodacom, Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB, ICPAR, ICPAK, BAM, ICSAZ, Central Bank of Rwanda, Bidvest Group, Tourvest, Anglo American, Campari, Finance Indaba Africa, HR Indaba Africa, The World Bank, ThinkSales, Johnson & Johnson, and many others.

Alex Granger is the top expert of personal mastery, high performance and leadership. As a keynote speaker and consulting specialist, Alex has insight into the rapidly changing world of business and understands the challenge’s companies have to face. His dynamic and transformational messages enable businesses and individuals to achieve exceptional growth.

Alex holds an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) from the Gordon‘s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in Business Leadership and a Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa) from Auream Phoenix University.

In addition, Alex a certified NLP Life Coach, and currently completing his Doctorate in Philosophy.

Here is some of the feedback from clients:

“Alex you exceeded our expectations!” Shameel Aziz Joosub, Group CEO of Vodacom.

“Thank you for a most amusing, insightful and thought-provoking presentation. Your message is so inspiring in the difficult times we are experiencing in SA today, and your punchy humour has a special way of cutting through the chaff!” Charles Bromley, CEO: PG Group.

Alex Granger holds a Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa) from Auream Phoenix University, and an Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) from the Gordon Institute of Business Science with distinction in Leadership.   Alex Grander is also a certified NLP Life Coach and is currently completing his Doctorate in Philosophy with this thesis on Epistemological Mindsets.

Dr Alex Granger is a dynamic public speaker and gifted Master of Ceremonies.

Alex Granger’s course F.O.R.C.E will teach you to awaken that force that is within you and how to nurture it so that you become more competent wherever you are in life, while having a level of influence on every person, situation, challenge or crisis that you come across.

In the course F.O.R.C.E you will be able to become more involved in Alex’s teachings with personalised video footage of Alex leading you throughout the course experience. You will then be quizzed on his work allowing you to test yourself on the knowledge learned and on successful completion of the course you will be awarded a personalised signed certificate to solidify your competency of his works.


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